Eleven Top Ideas to Make Your Blog Outstanding!

Catch new readers and prospective clients with these blog ideas….

Blah, blah, blah:  Beginning to feel you are running out of quality content for your coaching blog?

  • Have you recycled enough of your own material?
  • Feel like you are repeating yourself?
  • Blog writing becoming a dreaded chore?

“I know I’m supposed to…..”

You know that you are supposed to keep your blog current, posting at least twice a week if not more.  You know that you are supposed to be writing content rich material.  You know that the most interesting and informative coaching blogs are the most successful.  And you know the hard sell is not what a blog is about.  It is about capturing the readers interest in YOU first, so they end up wanting more of you and your services.

Try these out for a change…

Here are eleven of the top creative ideas we found after a web search on blogging successes, along with some links to more information on this topic.

1. Ask a ????

What better way to get your readers engaged than to take a quick poll?  Be sure to add not only a question or two (keep it short), but encourage readers to comment.  Interaction is the main reason for blogs over websites, and once you engage your reader, you can communicate directly with a prospective client.  Make it a relevant, fascinating and compelling question.

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